Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Spot of Tea

Life has been very busy lately and more than a bit overwhelming. I feel pulled in a hundred different directions. When things get this way it's hard for me to stop and just relax. The other day my 5 year old took care of mommy. She invited me to a tea party. She even made her own invitations. The dress was formal, but I persuaded her to just let me wear a pretty apron. :)

She made the tea herself-lukewarm mint green tea (our favorite). We even had snacks (nutri-grain bars she had cut up). Her table was all pretty and classical music was playing in the background. I sat still...relaxed...and had such a nice time with her. It warmed my heart to know she did this just for me. What a special little girl. What a special time.

One reason I love our 'school'

No walls to box us in!

For Cheryl

I have had a request from my dear, sweet, Canadian friend Cheryl. She'd like me to post updated pictures of our house for her to see. The power is on, some sod has been laid in the yard, every thing's inside except for the appliances and of course the sconces that Mark and I can't agree on! LOL! The wood floors will be finished this week. It's getting really close!

In the mean time we have until midnight Tuesday (10-13-09) to be out of our other house. We should close on it on Wednesday morning. We had a lot out and packed up, but the house had still been 'staged'. It's amazing how much can be tucked into one little house! Oh my word! Fortunately it's almost done. Just a few small things inside to load; Mark will empty out his little shed; Monday I'll vacuum, mop and touch up the paint in a couple of places. Wednesday we'll hand the keys over and turn the page.
So,'s a sneak peek at the next chapter in our book. By the way, perogies would be a perfect house warming (and tummy warming) gift. Love ya girl!

Come on in the front door. Don't trip over the little guy who is sanding. Next they'll darken up the door a bit.

Here's the living room.

One side of the kitchen.

The opposite side of the kitchen.The kitchen again! Behind the fireplace is the dining room. The doorway to the right is the mudroom.My wonderful pantry! My favorite room in the house. LOL!One of the upstairs bathrooms. All 4 look basically the same.My bathroom...all mine!!!! No more sharing! Woohoo!

Now, Cheryl and any other friends who happen to still be reading this-if you want to see the rest of the house, you have to come visit me!