Thursday, August 23, 2007

Budding Photographer

I really enjoy watching my girls develop different interests and pursue them. Recently my oldest has decided her favorite hobby is photography. I was really surprised at some of the photos she took. She's always been very artistic and creative. Here's some of her work:

What we did this summer...

Lindafay ( wants to know what we did this summer:

It's been so extremely hot here lately that we haven't been that active unless it's in the water! We've managed to get in some fun camping at the barn with the dogs, swimming and roasting marshmallows. Our favorite times have been surprise visits from friends. We've had a great summer, but I'm looking forward to making some cooler memories in the fall! LOL!

Birthday Girl

I can't believe my little Grace is 9! We didn't have a big party this year because she decided she wanted to go to the American Girl Place for her birthday. Instead we took her out to eat for lunch then came home for chocolate cake that we made together.
Here's a funny picture that she just loves! Happy 9th birthday sweet girl!

Enjoying Nature

We haven't officially started school yet, so this week has been used for all those last minute things-doctor appointments, shopping, visiting with friends, etc. One day we had a picnic at the bay. Despite the heat, we managed to enjoy ourselves and all the beautiful birds around us-mallards, geese and of course our favorite, the blue heron.

More Sewing

One of the things I enjoy most about sewing is being able to create something that my girls design. Recently that was dance bags. I let them choose the fabric and the basic style. They also chose the color thread for their names and the font of the letters. I love seeing their faces when I complete a project and their eyes just light up. Here are our latest creations.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CM Quote-Beautiful!

Just a few days ago I received a wonderful shipment from Amazon-the 6 volume set of Charlotte Mason's books! I'm reading the first volume now and just had to share this with you. How beautiful is this?

" is not too beautiful a thing to believe in this redeemed world, that, as the babe turns to his mother though he has no power to say her name, as the flowers turn to the sun, so the hearts of the children turn to their Saviour and God with unconscious delight and trust."

Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandmother's Hope Chest

Handicraft happens to be one of my favorite parts of a classical education, but the one we seem to spend the least amount of time on. I love the idea of my girls learning practical skills that will help them be a better wife and mother one day. We enjoy cooking and baking together, but my passion is sewing. This term, I decided we needed to be a little more organized in this area. I ordered a beautiful program from Vision Forum called, Grandmother's Hope Chest. It consists of 3 different books and projects. Below you can read a brief description from their website. We can't wait to get started.
Grandmother’s Hope Chest-The Running Rooster is a book designed to both entertain a young girl and teach her to sew by hand. As Grandmother and Lucie go through the hope chest together, they come across a special item that becomes a project for Lucie to recreate. Following the story of Lucie and her Grandmother, the reader will learn simple, basic stitches and complete an easy, useful potholder, embroidered with the picture of a “running rooster” to use today or place in a hope chest for her future home. This book is written with young children in mind or for the beginning seamstress, and includes simple directions and helpful diagrams that will make learning easier. A perfect memory-building project for mothers and daughters to do together and an ideal introduction into the rewarding world of hand-sewing. Includes book and “running rooster” potholder kit
In Lucie’s Snowflake, join Lucie and her grandmother as they learn how to create the “Gingham Embroidery Stitch” and traditional “Hem Stitch.” Readers will enjoy the engaging story and easy-to-follow pictorial instructions.
In The Button Jar, Grandmother teaches Lucie how to cross-stitch and make a special button jar. A fun and easy introduction for beginners of any age to the world of cross-stitch.

Year 5

I think I've finally gotten organized and all of our books are in for Ambleside Year 5. We'll officially be starting the last week of August. Here's what we're doing this year, 1st Term:

History-This Country of Ours, The Story of Mankind, Abraham Lincoln's World & An Island Story

Church History-Trial and Triumph

Biography-Of Courage Undaunted & The Ocean of Truth

Natural History- Wild Animals I Have Known

Nature Study-Handbook of Nature Study

Poetry-Rudyard Kipling
Grammar- Simply Grammar

Literature-Shakespeare (Twelfth Night), The Age of Fable & The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Science- Apologia Botany, Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5, The Fairyland of Science

Spelling and Dictation-Spelling Wisdom

Copywork-Ambleside Copywork Group-year 5

Foreign Language-Le Francais Facile Level I



Handicraft-Grandmother's Hope chest

Composer-Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

LIttle Ladies Book Club

Since our dear friends moved away last February, we've looked for ways to stay connected. One way was with Story Starters by Karen Andreola. The other most recent thing we came up with is a book club. It's so hard to find book clubs or reading groups that offer quality reading for our children. We decided to have our girls choose a book to read together from their Ambleside free reading list. Mary and her friend are reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and also By The Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Grace and her friend are reading Five Children and It by E. Nesbit. The girls also suggested that the moms choose a book to read together. We decided on Emma by Jane Austen and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

It's been encouraging for both me and the girls to know that someone else is reading "along with us". We're able to discuss the books by phone and also email. Hopefully soon we'll be talking about them in person. This has been a fabulous way to encourage my girls (and myself) to pick up a book that may at first not seem appealing, but in actuality is not only stimulating, but very entertaining.

Peter Rabbit

My 3 year old's favorite author is Beatrix Potter. Emma has several of her books and loves each one, but Peter Rabbit happens to be her favorite. One day while walking in our yard, we were thrilled to find our own Peter Rabbit. He's always in the same spot each day when we check. The other day we put out carrots for him. Of course when we dare to get too close, he quickly hops away into the woods. Emma says he's going to Mr. McGregor's garden!