About Me

Welcome to my blog which is about my life-being married to my best friend, raising and homeschooling 3 little ladies and striving to put God first in all we do. The Proverbs 31 woman is my role-model and what I strive for. My daily life is always an adventure-but one I wouldn't trade for anything.
We live in the deep south where we enjoy kayaking, boating, skiing and much more.  Our all time favorite thing to do is travel as a family.  We've visited England, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Argentina, Belize and Canada.  I believe my girls can learn so much by meeting people who live differently than we do.  Plus we've made so many sweet friends this way.
Our little homeschool follows a classical approach.  Charlotte Mason is my mentor.  I love teaching with good literature- especially if we can all cuddle up on the couch or a quilt in the yard and read together.
Another of my passions is sewing.  Several years ago I learned to smock and put together dresses for the girls.  I still love it today.  There's something about creating with my hands that brings me so much satisfaction.
The most important thing in this world to me is my Lord, Jesus Christ.  Because of Him I'm a new person today.