Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crayon Roll

As I was trying to clean up a bit this morning (in anticipation of friends coming for a visit), I realized I never blogged about Emma's crayon roll. I made this several months ago from a tutorial at Skip to my Lou. I remember when my 2 oldest girls were little, I saw these at an arts and crafts show. I really wanted to make one, but never got around to doing it. I'm so glad I found this blog and finally made a crayon roll. It was very fast and easy and Emma just loves it. Wouldn't these make cute gifts for little ones for Christmas or birthdays?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Je t'aime mon ami!

I have been blessed with such sweet, giving and TALENTED friends. As Emma says, "friends share with friends." They are always brightening my day with something. Today was no different. Sandy invited us over for lunch (and a sleep over for Grace). Have I ever mentioned how much I love eating at Sandy's house??? If I weren't so concerned about making a pig of myself, I would have eaten 3 times more than what I did! LOL! After lunch and a fabulous Italian Cream Cake for dessert, she presented me with a gorgeous basket:I can't wait to dive into the books! "The Joy of Cooking" not only has recipes, but all kinds of interesting tid bits about cooking, etc. "The Charms of Tea" is tres jolie! It has lots of recipes too and also tips on etiquette-just what I need. She included a tin of blackberry tea for me to enjoy while reading my books. The other little book is a kind of bird journal. I've never seen one like it. I'm really looking forward to using it with the girls. I'm sure Emma will have plenty to add about her favorite Northern Red Cardinal. Finally she included 3 monogrammed towels (in my absolute favorite colors!) and my most special gift....a little sewing caddy that she made herself! Sandy is such a good seamstress, but also a perfectionist. Nothing she sews is ever good enough in her eyes. I'll gladly take all her scraps (both sewing and cooking! LOL!). I had made a caddy for her a few years ago. Every time I sewed at her house I commented on how I needed to make one for myself. Only a dear sweet friend like Sandy would listen to me and make my wishes come true. The funny thing is, she even knows my unspoken wishes. Thank you, my sweet Sandy-you're one in a million. Je suis beni!

A Night in the Castle

The night before Mary left for camp, her dance teacher and chaperon invited all of the girls to spend night in her "castle"(what a treat from such a sweet teacher!). Mary was so excited-and so was Emma! The girls got to sleep in the tower. How cool is that? Emma got to feed the fish in the moat, under the draw bridge that lead to the front door. All the girls felt like real princesses!
The tower where the girls slept.The stairs leading to the tower.Mary with some of her camp friends.Everyone should visit this beautiful, magical place.

Going Camping

My oldest little lady is off at camp. I had fun getting all of her stuff ready. I tend to go overboard on the monogramming. I always hope this will prevent her loosing all of her stuff. We'll see how it works this year. As usual, she picks the color thread and the font.

This year I also made her a luggage tag. These were so cute not to mention fast and easy. I also made one for her dance teacher who is their chaperon.

Mary really wanted a knitted bandanna to take too. She had the idea of using one of our dish towel patterns-only knitting half. After knitting strings to tie it with, it worked out great.

Hopefully she'll come back home with everything!

Ma Petite Soeur

I call her my little sister, but we're not actually related (not that we know of yet! LOL!) We have so much in common that we have to share some DNA somewhere. The only problem is that she got way more talent than I did! LOL! Look what she surprised me with this weekend:
She knew I needed a new library bag for all of Emma's books (my old one hurt my shoulder). She also knew that I love France. So she made me a beautiful bag with scenes of Paris on the spring colored fabric. It's reversible with my name monogrammed on the handle. It could not be more perfect for me! Merci beaucoup ma petite soeur! Je suis beni!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Dress-y" Dish towels

When I saw this tutorial, I just knew I had to try it. Now I'm addicted! These adorable little dresses actually drape over your handle on your oven door. You can use a different fabric for the back of the "bodice" of the dress so that it can be turned over for a "new" look. These are so easy and so much fun to make. Plus they don't require much fabric, so I can make lots! Did I mention that they're super cute and oh so practical! I think everyone needs at least one it their kitchen.

Mail Call!

Look what came in the mail for me!!!!!!

These are from my sweet friend Cheryl, in Canada. Isn't she talented? I love handmade gifts. They are so special to me. Thank you Cheryl, for doing all this work just for me.


Mary and Grace have started babysitting-not just for me! LOL! Twice they have watched Abby and Sam here at our house (with me home) so that their parents can have some time to themselves. To the girls, this is not work, but all fun! I think it's great experience for both of them. Emma thinks it's just a play date.

Grace is very structured with Emma and Abby-dinner, bath, movie, snack and game time. She's meticulous in writing down everything Abby eats and does. They actually LIKE my cooking!!! I love these children!

Mary and Sam are all about fun. Mary has just as much energy as this almost 2 year old. They just feed off each other. Sam just loves "Momma Dog". He can even say her name now.I think all of them had a fabulous time together. We can't wait for more visits with our sweet little friends.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A very special day for me...

(Notice Emma's touch-the crown on my head!)

Today is my birthday! Yes, I was born on April Fool's day 38 years ago. I have to say that today was one of the most special birthdays I've ever had. First of all, my girls got up early to bake my favorite cake-lemon supreme-before we had to have Emma at her 9am dance class.
After dance my dear friend, Candice had a special tea party for us.
Everything was so beautiful! I couldn't believe it was all for me.
The birthday gifts she handmade (cross-stitched and crocheted) for me brought tears to my eyes. I know just how much time and love went into making them.
She could not have done anything else that would have been more perfect in my eyes.
(The only boy allowed at the tea party-sweet little Sam)

My sweetheart treated us to a Japanese dinner and gave me 2 of my favorite things-new shoes and a gift card to my favorite shop. My babies pooled their money and bought my a beautiful tea cup and saucer (which I collect).
To top the day off, I was able to chat on the phone with family and all my sweet friends-each wishing me birthday blessings. I feel with all my family and friends I've already been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

A visit with Cinderella

Emma had a wonderful time on Saturday. She dressed up and went to the library to visit with Cinderella! A local ballet school will be performing Cinderella soon. They came to the library to met the children, read books, take pictures and let the girls try on Cinderella's slipper. Emma (and the big girls) had such fun.

(Emma's best friend, Abby, trying on the slipper)


(My 3 little ladies on Easter morning)

It's been a while since I posted-time to catch up. The weather has been so gorgeous, I just can't stand to be indoors.

We had a fabulous Easter. 2 Easter egg hunts before Easter. Then on Sunday we celebrated at church and had a nice brunch afterwards-with a surprise visit from our dear friends.

(Little gifts for our friends. These bunnies had pots of rye grass to sit in)