Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A very special day for me...

(Notice Emma's touch-the crown on my head!)

Today is my birthday! Yes, I was born on April Fool's day 38 years ago. I have to say that today was one of the most special birthdays I've ever had. First of all, my girls got up early to bake my favorite cake-lemon supreme-before we had to have Emma at her 9am dance class.
After dance my dear friend, Candice had a special tea party for us.
Everything was so beautiful! I couldn't believe it was all for me.
The birthday gifts she handmade (cross-stitched and crocheted) for me brought tears to my eyes. I know just how much time and love went into making them.
She could not have done anything else that would have been more perfect in my eyes.
(The only boy allowed at the tea party-sweet little Sam)

My sweetheart treated us to a Japanese dinner and gave me 2 of my favorite things-new shoes and a gift card to my favorite shop. My babies pooled their money and bought my a beautiful tea cup and saucer (which I collect).
To top the day off, I was able to chat on the phone with family and all my sweet friends-each wishing me birthday blessings. I feel with all my family and friends I've already been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

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Barbara said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Lady...You are blessed!!
Barb McAlister