Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Mary and Grace have started babysitting-not just for me! LOL! Twice they have watched Abby and Sam here at our house (with me home) so that their parents can have some time to themselves. To the girls, this is not work, but all fun! I think it's great experience for both of them. Emma thinks it's just a play date.

Grace is very structured with Emma and Abby-dinner, bath, movie, snack and game time. She's meticulous in writing down everything Abby eats and does. They actually LIKE my cooking!!! I love these children!

Mary and Sam are all about fun. Mary has just as much energy as this almost 2 year old. They just feed off each other. Sam just loves "Momma Dog". He can even say her name now.I think all of them had a fabulous time together. We can't wait for more visits with our sweet little friends.

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Barbara said...

Those girls are growing up too fast!! Lori's babysit sometimes too for her 2 youngest!!
Love the pictures,