Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ma Petite Soeur

I call her my little sister, but we're not actually related (not that we know of yet! LOL!) We have so much in common that we have to share some DNA somewhere. The only problem is that she got way more talent than I did! LOL! Look what she surprised me with this weekend:
She knew I needed a new library bag for all of Emma's books (my old one hurt my shoulder). She also knew that I love France. So she made me a beautiful bag with scenes of Paris on the spring colored fabric. It's reversible with my name monogrammed on the handle. It could not be more perfect for me! Merci beaucoup ma petite soeur! Je suis beni!

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BaysideBums said...

I don't have more talent. I just learned from the best! I am going to have to learn french to read your blog. You are so cute. I love it. I'm not in love with that picure of me though. :)