Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tea party

We got Emma this game for Christmas because she's always playing with her tea sets and having little tea parties. It has been so much fun-not just for her, but for me and her sisters. We love playing it with her.
Everything for a real tea party is made out of card board. The youngest player spins first. You have to land on the plate before you can start getting the food-different sandwiches, desserts and fruit. Each person can also get a sugar and creamer, a napkin with silverware and of course a tea cup(you match the flowers on your tea cup with the flowers on your plate). The first person to collect all the pieces wins.The games go fast, so we're able to play several in a short period of time. We have such a wonderful time playing a real game with Emma. Guess what? The clean up is not nearly as bad as a real tea party!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cleaning Up

In my perfect world, everything would have a place and actually be in that place! I would love to have a completely organized house. Wouldn't that be nice? I know I'll never reach that perfection with our home, but it's fun to keep trying.
The smallest space (it's not even big enough to be called a room! LOL!) in our house is my sewing room. I think it has the most stuff crammed into every available inch! It's not only used for sewing, but as a home office, storage area for scrap books (and scrap book supplies) and basically the "catch-all" for everything we can't find another place for.
Even with all the clutter I love this little room and feel blessed to have it. After all, I can leave my sewing machine out all the time along with all my projects. If a guest comes, I just close the door! ;) Plus there's a nice window that I love to open while I'm sewing. I love to feel the breeze and hear the birds singing as I sew.
Last week I decided to once again try to get this room back in order. It took several hours, but the results are worth it. I cleaned out SO much! I gave 2 big bags of fabric to a friend, 2 more small bags to a freecycle friend and 2 large bags were hauled to the trash can! It felt so good to straighten everything-from thread and ribbon to fabric and yarn. So much I had forgotten about. Now I have all these "new" supplies to create with. Plus, it just makes me feel better to know the room is neat and clean-dusted and mopped. Of course the first time I sew it will be messed up again! Oh well...

Spring is in the air!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

To Grandmother's house we go!!!!

Great-grandmother Margaret hasn't been feeling well, so we decided to take a trip to north east Mississippi to visit with her. Boy were we surprised to see snow coming down as we were driving in! The next morning it was so beautiful. Emma, of course, had to try a bite. LOL! She got her shoes and tights so wet plowing through the snow. We enjoyed our visit with Margaret so much. She gave Emma a special gift...

Red Sparkly shoes!!!!!

Mary was given a pretty bracelet (she loves jewelry!).

Finally Grace received a real treasure-

This was Margaret's mother's (MamMaw) recipe/scrap book. I can't wait to sit and look through this and try some of the recipes.

What a nice trip we had. Many more sweet memories were made at Margaret's house.

Sewing Saturday

The other weekend I had so much fun sewing! I needed to make a birthday present for one of my sweet friends.

I made her a bag to keep her knitting in when she goes to work.

I included a ball of yarn, knitting needles and a knitting needle holder.

Next I finished a dress for Emma....

This is "Hillary" by Children's corner-a super easy pattern but oh so cute!

Later on in the week, I monogrammed handkerchiefs for great-grandmother Margaret.

Finally...I knitted a dish cloth for Margaret too. I personally think it's too pretty to wash dishes with! LOL!

Fun with Friends

Lately we've had so much fun with our dear friends. First we had a field trip-Colonial Day, picnic at the park and a visit to the Exploriem and the Imax theater.

Next was Emma's first playdate all by herself. She had a ball playing with her buddy Abby. Abby is so tiny and cute Emma thinks she's a real, live babydoll!