Monday, March 10, 2008

Cleaning Up

In my perfect world, everything would have a place and actually be in that place! I would love to have a completely organized house. Wouldn't that be nice? I know I'll never reach that perfection with our home, but it's fun to keep trying.
The smallest space (it's not even big enough to be called a room! LOL!) in our house is my sewing room. I think it has the most stuff crammed into every available inch! It's not only used for sewing, but as a home office, storage area for scrap books (and scrap book supplies) and basically the "catch-all" for everything we can't find another place for.
Even with all the clutter I love this little room and feel blessed to have it. After all, I can leave my sewing machine out all the time along with all my projects. If a guest comes, I just close the door! ;) Plus there's a nice window that I love to open while I'm sewing. I love to feel the breeze and hear the birds singing as I sew.
Last week I decided to once again try to get this room back in order. It took several hours, but the results are worth it. I cleaned out SO much! I gave 2 big bags of fabric to a friend, 2 more small bags to a freecycle friend and 2 large bags were hauled to the trash can! It felt so good to straighten everything-from thread and ribbon to fabric and yarn. So much I had forgotten about. Now I have all these "new" supplies to create with. Plus, it just makes me feel better to know the room is neat and clean-dusted and mopped. Of course the first time I sew it will be messed up again! Oh well...

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BaysideBums said...

I am so impressed! Everything looks so perfect and organized. Very cool machine!