Sunday, March 9, 2008

To Grandmother's house we go!!!!

Great-grandmother Margaret hasn't been feeling well, so we decided to take a trip to north east Mississippi to visit with her. Boy were we surprised to see snow coming down as we were driving in! The next morning it was so beautiful. Emma, of course, had to try a bite. LOL! She got her shoes and tights so wet plowing through the snow. We enjoyed our visit with Margaret so much. She gave Emma a special gift...

Red Sparkly shoes!!!!!

Mary was given a pretty bracelet (she loves jewelry!).

Finally Grace received a real treasure-

This was Margaret's mother's (MamMaw) recipe/scrap book. I can't wait to sit and look through this and try some of the recipes.

What a nice trip we had. Many more sweet memories were made at Margaret's house.

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BaysideBums said...

What precious pictures. Snow! How much fun! I would love for Abby to see snow one day.
How cool are those old recipes. What a great thing to pass down.