Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tea party

We got Emma this game for Christmas because she's always playing with her tea sets and having little tea parties. It has been so much fun-not just for her, but for me and her sisters. We love playing it with her.
Everything for a real tea party is made out of card board. The youngest player spins first. You have to land on the plate before you can start getting the food-different sandwiches, desserts and fruit. Each person can also get a sugar and creamer, a napkin with silverware and of course a tea cup(you match the flowers on your tea cup with the flowers on your plate). The first person to collect all the pieces wins.The games go fast, so we're able to play several in a short period of time. We have such a wonderful time playing a real game with Emma. Guess what? The clean up is not nearly as bad as a real tea party!


BaysideBums said...

What a cute game!

Barbara said...

tami where have you gone?? I have missed your blogs!! Love to all of you,
Barb Mc