Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Power of Words

I remember middle school and high school like it was yesterday.  There are a lot of found memories, but what I remember most is feeling awkward and out of place-like I wasn't good enough.  Isn't that usually a part of growing up?  Today I hear so much about kids being bullied.  I don't remember any of that going on when I was a youngster, but I do remember how powerful words were.  Kind or mean could make or destroy you.

Lately we've been doing the Basic Life Principles Course by Bill Gothard.  One of the things he speaks of is how a word misspoken can cause a lifetime of bitterness-even if the speaker didn't intend for it to be offensive.  Well, my story is just the opposite.  A kind word (or 2) can change a teen's world.

When I was in 8th grade I was super insecure and shy.  I truly didn't feel that I fit in.  We'd have all of these theme days.  One week it was 'twin day'.  A beautiful young lady who was smart and sweet and a cheerleader (which made her popular) asked me to be her twin.  I was floored! Me??  Seriously?  I felt like I was on the top of the world!  

Let's flash forward 26 years.  We just had our 25th high school reunion.  I didn't go.  All because I still feel that I don't fit in.  Why relive all of that?  Well...I get a message.  It's that same girl from 8th grade saying she missed me at the reunion and wants to try to get together while she's home (she lives 24 hours away).  Once again I was floored!  

I had her and her children over today.  Our time was so sweet, so comfortable.  I can't imagine that she'll ever know how much the visit meant to me.  I hope though that one day, when she gets to heaven, God will have a very special jewel in her crown.  

Never underestimate the power of a kind word.  It can change someone's life.
(Alisa and me, June 2013)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simply Sweet

The other morning I walked into the bedroom to find little Emma brushing her doll's hair while listening to the audio book Doll People.  She and her doll had on matching gowns which made the scene all the more precious.  As she brushed and the CD played Fraulein, our 1 year old Springer Spaniel looked on contentedly.  The morning sun was pouring in through the windows as I stood there and smiled.  I'm so blessed by simple moments like this...and so thankful.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crocheting on a rainy Sunday afternoon

Lately the weather here has been so pretty that we're always outside either swimming in the pool, water skiing or playing with the pets.  Today, finally we got some much needed rain.  It was the perfect time for me to pull out my crocheting which has been packed up for a few months.  Back in the fall while we were in Canada I started crocheting granny squares.  For so long I've wanted to learn to make them and never realized it would be so easy.  So today, I'm adding to my granny squares as I sit under my Auburn quilt and listen to the rain.  What a nice Sunday afternoon!
If you 'd like to learn to crochet, check out the Klutz Crochet book.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My other girls

You've seen their house, now here are my girls-my hens that is.  I never thought having chickens would be so much fun.  I actually look forward to waking up early and going to see them.  They have such unique personalities.  If I don't have snacks (left over vegetable scraps) to bring them they seem to get upset and impatient.  When I bring something new in with me they're so curious.  They love to peck my painted toe nails (when I forget to slip my boots on).  Oh and it's are a girl's best friend!  If my wedding ring dangles in front of them too long, they simply can't resist!  It may seem strange, but these visits with my girls are so relaxing to me.  I'm truly thankful for my girls and the joy they bring to my mornings.