Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Master Clock Review

I only have 2 words for this product: really cool! Master Innovations recently sent me the Master Clock to review. It could not have come at a better time. My 6 year old has been trying to figure out the whole world of clocks and time.

Master Innovations began over 10 years with a simple goal: to make sure every child in school had a Master Ruler. Since then they've moved on to include many more math manipulatives that make learning measurements more hands on and visual.

Our family received the Master Clock to review thanks to Master Innovations and TOS. It's geared toward any age-early learners or the older child who is having issues picking up on the concept of telling time.

For $14.95 you can receive the student workbook and the Master Clock. The clock itself is 4 clock faces in one. There's the basic clock that consists of half and quarter hour markings only; the hours face; the minutes face and finally the seconds face. Each face can be superimposed unto the next. The hands of the clock can be removed and used in any combination. Therefore if the child is just learning hours and minutes, you can take the second hand off. At the top , a digital clock is included. It can be used in many different ways in the learning process. The clock is about the size of a toddler's board book, made of sturdy plastic and packaged in a thick, clear plastic bag that snaps at the top.

The workbook is 100 pages full of useful information. It starts out giving a brief history of time including different types of 'clocks' over the ages. There are several different projects your child can make to go along with this ( a clock from a paper plate, a water clock, a sand clock). The worksheets are so much more than just clock faces to identify. They really go all out to teach your child the concept of time. Which goes first, about how long does this take, just a second, am and pm, etc.

I love that the Master Clock and work book are small and light enough to take everywhere. We take it in the car all the time and recently stuck it in my daughter's back pack on a long flight. The clock is colorful; the workbook is simple to understand with short lessons that aren't overwhelming. My daughter loves 'playing' with the materials and has learned so much.

In fact, we like this product so much that I plan on ordering more Master Innovation products like the Master Ruler, Master Fractions and Master Angle. It's hard to find products that are durable, easy to use, inexpensive and that my child loves and actually learns from. Master Clock is one of those. I highly recommend it.

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*I received the Master Clock for free in exchange for my review. No further compensation was received.