Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Je t'aime mon ami!

I have been blessed with such sweet, giving and TALENTED friends. As Emma says, "friends share with friends." They are always brightening my day with something. Today was no different. Sandy invited us over for lunch (and a sleep over for Grace). Have I ever mentioned how much I love eating at Sandy's house??? If I weren't so concerned about making a pig of myself, I would have eaten 3 times more than what I did! LOL! After lunch and a fabulous Italian Cream Cake for dessert, she presented me with a gorgeous basket:I can't wait to dive into the books! "The Joy of Cooking" not only has recipes, but all kinds of interesting tid bits about cooking, etc. "The Charms of Tea" is tres jolie! It has lots of recipes too and also tips on etiquette-just what I need. She included a tin of blackberry tea for me to enjoy while reading my books. The other little book is a kind of bird journal. I've never seen one like it. I'm really looking forward to using it with the girls. I'm sure Emma will have plenty to add about her favorite Northern Red Cardinal. Finally she included 3 monogrammed towels (in my absolute favorite colors!) and my most special gift....a little sewing caddy that she made herself! Sandy is such a good seamstress, but also a perfectionist. Nothing she sews is ever good enough in her eyes. I'll gladly take all her scraps (both sewing and cooking! LOL!). I had made a caddy for her a few years ago. Every time I sewed at her house I commented on how I needed to make one for myself. Only a dear sweet friend like Sandy would listen to me and make my wishes come true. The funny thing is, she even knows my unspoken wishes. Thank you, my sweet Sandy-you're one in a million. Je suis beni!

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