Monday, August 13, 2007

Year 5

I think I've finally gotten organized and all of our books are in for Ambleside Year 5. We'll officially be starting the last week of August. Here's what we're doing this year, 1st Term:

History-This Country of Ours, The Story of Mankind, Abraham Lincoln's World & An Island Story

Church History-Trial and Triumph

Biography-Of Courage Undaunted & The Ocean of Truth

Natural History- Wild Animals I Have Known

Nature Study-Handbook of Nature Study

Poetry-Rudyard Kipling
Grammar- Simply Grammar

Literature-Shakespeare (Twelfth Night), The Age of Fable & The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Science- Apologia Botany, Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5, The Fairyland of Science

Spelling and Dictation-Spelling Wisdom

Copywork-Ambleside Copywork Group-year 5

Foreign Language-Le Francais Facile Level I



Handicraft-Grandmother's Hope chest

Composer-Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

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Keri said...

I see similarities.
We use alot of amblesides suggestions.