Sunday, July 15, 2007

Independence Day (early)

This year we had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday evening. We live near the beach and there tend to be lots of tourists here for holidays-especially on the 4th. I hate fighting the traffic and crowds. This year was perfect. We went to a small town about 10 minutes from our home. The area churches sponsored the celebration in the park. They had free food, games for the children and face painting and free entertainment.

We were all shocked to find out that Rebecca St James was coming to perform. She put on a fabulous 2 hour show. The children were allowed to stand right next to the stage. Afterwards she signed autographs and took pictures. My girls were thrilled to meet her. She seems like such a grounded, sincere young lady-not to mention talented. What a great role model. The night ended with a beautiful show of fireworks. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.


Christina said...

How fun! Well, of course she is well rounded... she was homeschooled! ;)

one of the crew said...

We just found out she will be holding a free concert here in August at a local church. The girls are so exctied to see her.