Saturday, August 16, 2008


Introducing our newest baby girl-THICKET, a 4 month old springer spaniel. She is something else! The girls had been begging for a puppy for the longest time. They really had no idea what they were in for! LOL! This little thing loves getting stuff in her mouth and running with it. It's honestly worse than having a baby around. When I scold her she looks at me with those big brown eyes and my heart just melts. She has all of us wrapped around her little paw already. Who wouldn't fall for her when she climbs into your lap and nuzzles her head against you?

With all that energy we've had to come up with ways to burn it off. I've started taking her on my morning runs. She's a very good pace setter. If I am ever able to keep up with her I'll be in very good shape! LOL! She literally runs circles around me. Mark has been working with her twice a day. In the morning they work on discipline. The afternoon is for fetching and swimming. She's doing a great job.
She is a much welcomed bright spot in our family. Even Flirt loves her.
As for the cat, Lizzy-the jury's still out...