Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(Here we are at the airport in Pensacola, FL getting ready to leave for CO. Can you believe that all these girls-plus me and Mark- and all that luggage fit into that little SUV behind them? Needless to say-we were packed in!)

I can't believe I'm just now getting around to posting about our trip to Colorado! Shame on me! We arrived in Steamboat Springs on Dec 29 and didn't have to come back home to reality till Jan 18. It really was like being in another world. There was tons of snow (one day we got 14 inches!) and the views were breathtaking.
(one of the runs we went down)
Mary and Grace each invited a friend to go along for the first week. We could not have asked for 2 sweeter or more well behaved girls. We've known them both for several years and they really just fit right in with our family. Neither Madeleine nor Ashlynn had skied before. After a few days of ski school they could both get down the mountain pretty well.
As for my girls and their skiing, thankfully they take after their daddy! Mark skies beautifully, with perfect form. It's nothing for him to "fly" down a black (these are the most difficult-green is the easiest, blue next, then black) run. Mary and Grace follow right behind him. Emma went to ski school for a few days too. How would I describe her skiing? Can you say, "No fear" ?!! She's so cute. She bends forward slightly, puts her hands on her thighs and points her skies down the mountain. She had no problem skiing the blues. What was so cute was watching her cruising down the mountain, then all of a sudden she goes to the edge and stops. The first time she did this I almost panicked b/c I thought she was going over the edge! A second later, she says, "Momma, look how beautiful!". My baby was just stopping to enjoy the view!(Emma in ski school)

You may be wondering about my skiing. Well...let's just say I won't be trying out for the Olympics anytime soon! LOL! Seriously, I love to ski, my form is just kind of lacking. I joined the adult ski school for a couple of days and had the time of my life. I met some of the nicest people. The second day I even went down a black! I was so scared I'd kill myself! I have to admit it was very exhilarating and such a boost for my self confidence.
Our last day there we all skied together as a family. The cutest thing was hearing Emma (as she flew by) screaming, "This is the best day of my life!" and hearing her sisters giggling with pleasure as they followed her. That last night, we took the gondola up the mountain to a restaurant. The view was spectacular! In the gondola, coming back down after dinner, we were all cuddled up, wrapped in blankets for the 20 minute ride down. We sat and talked about how much we had enjoyed being together and just having fun on this vacation. That's what it's all about-family fun. It was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

(Me and Emma with our friend, Juliann.)

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