Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy "belated" birthday Emma!

It seems that almost every year since Emma's been born, we've been on vacation for her birthday (New Year's Eve). One year we were duck hunting in Louisiana, another year we were in Canada and this year we were in Colorado.
(We celebrated her "real" birthday with the big girls in Colorado. She loved the chocolate cake her daddy got her.)

She's never been able to invite her little friends to a party. This year, I told her we'd have a special friend's party after we got back home from Colorado. What did she want to do? Well, her plan was to take all of her friends to Disney World! That wasn't quite in the budget! LOL! Instead we went to Build-a-Bear-picked out a friend and some clothes, then over to Chick-fil-a for dinner and ice cream. She and her friends had so much fun. I honestly did too (it was a very stress free party for this momma)!
(Here are the party favor bags I made each of the girls-including Emma. Each bag was monogrammed and held a rhinestone ring, a wooden horse to embellish and a beaded princess necklace they could string at home).

Happy 5th birthday to my precious baby girl! I hope you enjoyed your special big girl party.
(Emma's new friend that she made all by herself-Anna Tulip)


Rebecca Martin said...

Do you actually make the bags or did you just have them monogrammed? I would love to make bags like this. Were did you get the pattern?

Grace at Home said...

Happy belated birthday, Emma! Tammy, she is just precious! The bags are cute, too. :) I think we are taking Dulcie to Build a Bear as part of her birthday, but just as a family since the nearest one is two hours away. Can't wait to catch up on your blog. Welcome back!
Dee (

V and Co. said...

okay did you monogram the bag all by yourself as well? i have a function on my "new" sewing machine, but i'm a sissy and scared of it...tell me it's easy!

momof3girls said...

It's very easy to monogram the bags. I just hate waiting for it to get done! LOL! I also have a hard time getting it straight. Guess I have a problem with being patient! LOL! I know you could do it, as talented as you are.