Thursday, July 15, 2010

Online School Solutions

One of the many things I love about homeschooling is that there are so many options out there. In my 8 years of teaching the girls, we've used everything from basic textbooks/workbooks, a classical approach with living books and this year we'll be changing to an all computer based curriculum. One avenue we personally haven't explored is online schooling. Recently I read about an option in our area- The Keystone School. I was really surprised at what I learned. They offer the typical subjects and electives that you would expect from any 'school'. In addition to that they have certified teachers available for support, along with a learning coach and guidance counselor. For those hs parents who work or are just super busy, this would take a real load off of them.
The part I liked the best were the extras. I know that some homeschoolers can feel really alone at times. Keystone has an online social hour for the students to 'hang out'. They also have discussion boards and a newsletter. For those who travel often, as we do, they have a cultural experiences seminar where you can share your travel experiences. All of these things are available for the middle school students. The high school students have these options along with being able to join the National Honor Society, write for the newspaper and participate in a virtual graduation.
The one and only downside I saw was that it could be a bit pricey for some families. Besides that it really seems like a wonderful way for middle and high school students to receive an education and socialize while still being able to keep a very flexible schedule.

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Wren said...

That sounds like a great option for you guys since you travel so much. Less books & bulk to carry around, just the laptop.