Friday, October 1, 2010

Peleg Chronciles

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings,that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation"
Isaiah 52:7

One thing I've learned with having 3 children is that you can't be too careful about what they put into their minds. I've always told them that what goes in through their minds ends up in their hearts. One particular incident I recall happened a couple of years ago. We were preparing to go on a trip to Europe. One of the first things we think about is having a book or books to read on the long flight. We went in a local (small town) bookstore and asked for advice on books for the girls. They took us to the appropriate section for their ages. First they tried to push the 'vampire' books on us. The girls politely declined, much to my relief. Next was the ever popular 'witch craft' books. Once again the girls said that was something they weren't interested in. Finally a series of books that had been made into a movie was presented. Because the store was about to close and our flight was leaving early the next morning, we purchased these books without reviewing them thoroughly. Much to my dismay, halfway through the book, my daughter brings to my attention not only inappropriate language, but also totally inappropriate content. I was devastated that I had let her put those things into her mind. From that point on, my husband and I decided that every book our children read would be first approved by us or someone close that we trusted. Our children's minds are just too impressionable to allow anything to enter them.

A few weeks ago I received the book "The Peleg Chronicles" by Matthew Christian Harding. TOS asked me to read and review it. The first thing I did was flip to the back cover where I read "No Magic, No Evolution, No Humanism". Immediately I thought this was going to be a good book!

"I wanted to write books of fiction for our youth and adults that
would strengthen these beliefs, and give another platform from
which to excite and exhort our children to believe the Bible
literally - every word. I also desire to give them exciting stories
that help train them in Godly character.

I believe the Peleg Chronicles will give you another venue for
speaking truth into your children's lives. Just look at the
repetitive bombardment of evolution and humanism our families
are exposed to. We can't be neutral in our approach towards
false ideology, or our culture will dictate what is taught by
default. And reading works of fiction are one of the powerful
ways that learning occurs. That's why we must be cautious and
purposeful in choosing what our children are reading"

~Matthew Christian Harding

This 256 page book, priced at $11.95, is written for ages 10 and up. It's classified as Historical Fiction-mine and my oldest daughter's favorite. This early human history weaves a web of entertaining and imaginative heroes who depend on the Lord for help. Faith in God is the core of what the story is about. The characters (dragons, giants, false priests, the death hunt, an under-city of the dwarven brotherhood, and many more) are brought to life by Harding. The story begins in the time period of Peleg ,after the flood of Noah, soon after the tower of Babel dispersion. "Foundlings weaves together the Biblical principles of chivalry, truth, courage, duty, faith and love within the framework of Genesis, and a bold adherence to its historicity." The Peleg Chronicles is a book I proudly read in our home and let my girls read on their own. It's so refreshing to find good literature in today's world that not only is exciting, but glorifies our Lord. I highly recommend Peleg Chronicles and hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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*For the purpose of this review, I received The Peleg Chronicles for free. My review is based on my opinion of the product only. No additional compensation was received.*

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Debbie said...

Good review. My son Nathan loved the book. I like it so far... I am not done reading yet but want to finish. We are hoping to buy book 2 for Christmas and book 3 when it comes out next year.