Friday, November 5, 2010 Review

As an avid reader and homeschool mom, I have tons and tons of books. Unfortunately some are duplicates. It happens to even the best of us! LOL! I see a good deal and suddenly I can't remember a thing. Fortunately for me I got to review Collectorz book collectors for free (thanks to my favorite magazine, TOS). I'm soooo happy! Finally a way to organize all my books!! I'm a happy girl.

Not only can you keep an accurate home inventory of book collections(the whole family's- from the toddler to dad's) with but these programs assist with insurance records and general home organization.

The programs are perfect for people interested in keeping an accurate list of their belongings and also for those who are a little more serious- wishing to keep detailed records for each item in their collection.

What costs are involved?
*Standard format $24.95

*Pro format $49.95

*Barcode scanners are available from the website to make entering data faster. Options include a simple scanner for $19.95 or a deluxe laser scanner for $139.95.

Why use Collectorz?

*Large collections of books can be worth a lot of money. Having an accurate way to keep track of them can be beneficial for insurance purposes.

*Having a list like this can help people like me keep from purchasing duplicate copies of books. It also helps you keep up with who you've loaned to.

*Book Collectorz makes keeping up with your book collection easy.

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