Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KinderBach Review

Our family currently has 3 children in music lessons (violin). We know how expensive it can be to give your child this opportunity. We think it's very important for our children to be exposed to music as a part of their overall education. What do you do if you can't afford private lessons?

Classroom KinderBach is a music program for early childhood education facilities, homeschools or community centers. The teacher's materials include teacher aids, lesson plans, teacher's guide – everything needed to give quality preschool piano lessons to groups of children or just one child. Ages: 3-7

Online lessons start at $7.99/mth

DVD and CD packages-$40.45

"KinderBach is designed to provide an introduction to music using the keyboard or piano. First and foremost, KinderBach's primary goal is to ensure both student and parent have fun with this curriculum. Hundreds of hours of professional video instruction coupled with printed materials in the form of PDF files provide hours of well planned exercises. All student and teaching aids can be constructed from the PDFs. Children just love the games and puzzles too.

Thousands of families have used KinderBach successfully. The Learning Center on the website is a recent addition to our products and we look forward to your reviews and suggestions. All you need is a computer and an inexpensive keyboard or piano to play during the lessons."

It's as simple as that! KinderBach allowed us access to their site for free (thanks also to TOS). My first grader enjoyed adding piano lessons to her daily schedule. The lessons were short, fun and best of all-easy.

You can read more KinderBach review at the Crew Blog.

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