Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Jane

Those who know me and my girls know that we love anything "Jane Austin". We've watched all the movies, actually read some of her books and even have the board game (Pride and Prejudice)! We just can't get enough!

The other day I wasn't really feeling well. Mark took Grace to the store with him to get a few things. While there they decided to purchase a book to make me feel better. :) Grace, knowing what I "really" like, chose "Just Jane" even though her daddy suggested another book. My baby girl chose well! I'm so enjoying the book. I realize it's historical fiction, but it's nice to have a little insight into her world.

All you Jane Austin fans need to check it out.
"This book was a comfortable friend, one I was sad to see end."

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momof3girls said...

Well he really didn't evan let us get it until the next time we went. LOL!!!! That's my Daddy for ya!!!!!