Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunny California!

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to southern California. The weather there was so perfect-in the 70's with no humidity. We stayed in Laguna Woods in beautiful Orange County. I was amazed at all the colorful flowers and trees. Of course the beaches were gorgeous too. Here's some of the things we saw and the places we visited during our trip:
Here we are in Laguna Woods-you can see the Saddleback mountains in the distance.

I thought the palm trees were beautiful. I'm sitting at Laguna Beach in this shot that Mary took.The Pacific Ocean was gorgeous!The girls found the water a little too chilly! LOL!They preferred the heated pool at the hotel! LOL! Here's Emma with her new friend, Anna, who is from Russia. (she's actually 21 years old, can you believe it?) She taught Emma to swim during our visit. This was a really big deal, considering that Emma wouldn't even get off the pool steps when we first arrived. Anna is just as sweet as she is beautiful.

Even the rocks were beautiful in California.

Newport Beach is known for it's surfing-it was packed the day we visited.

Here's Huntington BeachWhat's a visit to California without going through Hollywood and Beverly Hills?????

We stayed at the Ayers Hotel which we loved! Our rooms had sliding glass doors that opened onto this courtyard. I loved sitting at the little wrought iron table and eating.

Emma enjoyed the courtyard too-especially the flowers.

It was nice to get away, but I'm glad we're back home. I'm really glad all the laundry's finally done! LOL!

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