Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where in the world????

Where have we been lately? Well, once again we were blessed to be able to go across the big pond (better known as the Atlantic Ocean). This time we visited England, Holland and Belgium. The weather was oh so nice and the scenery even better. I want to share some of our pictures, starting with England.
(our hotel room-nice and spacious! LOL)

We flew into Gatwick which is near the small town of Horley. Horley had so much character and at least 2 good restaurants! (that's all we had time to try) I'm all about the food! LOL! One night we ate at a tapas place and another night at an Indian place (my absolute favorite!).

(walking to go out to dinner) (a beautiful house in Horley)
(Emma dancing with our waitress at the tapas restaurant)

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