Monday, September 7, 2009

Almost there....

The builder is saying we could be in in 6 weeks. I can't even fathom living in that house!
We also found out this week that our home of 15 years is sold. That news was bittersweet for me. Every room is filled with so many memories. Several friends gave me some really good advice: go through the house and take lots of pictures. Then when the new house is complete, take the pictures and the memories, sit on the back porch and just remember. I did just that. I took all kinds of pictures outside the house then moved to the inside where I got shots of every room and probably every angle. The only thing left to do besides wait on the closing and move our furniture and other items, is to dig up my Granny's rose bush and move it, along with us to our new home. It's always sad when one chapter ends, but exciting to start the new one.
(Mary walking to the new house)


KAlexaLott said...

How exciting! You'll be in by the holidays! Won't that be fun? Love the updates to the blog as well.


Wren said...

Your blog looks great. I love the pictures of your house & I can't wait to see the finished product.