Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Neighbors

Isn't it nice how God just sprinkles little blessing around to surprise you? When we bought our property, we did so because of how beautiful we thought it was-all the oak and dogwood trees along with the quiet little creek. It wasn't until the last couple of years that we met our neighbors. He happens to be someone I went to high school with. They haven't actually built down here yet but they've already moved their 'babies' over here. Yesterday they called to see if we wanted to come meet the newest additions-some chicks and baby goats.

They were just the sweetest things ever! We hated to put them down.
Not only do they have goats, but also Jenny the donkey, 2 cows and many chickens. It's so much fun to go visit all the animals and love on them. These 2 cow actually came over to our property and 'visited' one day too. LOL! The best part though is having Kim and Tommy as neighbors. They're so kind and giving-always ready to help. I love talking with the two of them and getting to know them better. I'm looking forward to them living down her permanently. Hopefully we'll be able to bless them like they've blessed us.

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Grace at Home said...

Oh those are just the sweetest little goats! And the donkey is so cute! And the fun to have such neighbors!