Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Sisters

It does my heart good to see my girls having fun together and loving each other. I realize they can't always get along so I cherish the moments like this one. Grace and Emma had a nice hot bubble bath. Then Grace massaged Emma's hands and feet and painted her nails. They also did oatmeal and honey facials (I'd recommend doing these before the bath. LOL) Later Grace gave Emma this little poem she had written:

When I'm feeling down
And there's no sunshine around,
Emma's my light and
She turns things back around.

I love my girls!


Barbara said...

how very sweet....Brittany is that way with Alyssa Belle and I LOVE it!!

mcknightclan said...

We don't always have moments like that, but I sure do love it when we do too!
Such sweet sisters. I never had a sister only 3 brothers! LOL! So I am always telling my girls that their sister will be their best friend for life, not just now!
Wonderful story/pic to share!