Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Daily Bread

It was a gorgeous day outside today but....we stayed in. What could possibly tear us away from the gentle breeze and all the blooming flowers? It was bread baking day. Recently I went to a bread baking class. Not your typical class. Not only did she show us the proper way to make a perfect loaf of bread, she also told us exactly why this type of bread was so nutritious. I learned the importance of milling my own flour and making my own bread. Whole wheat bread provides 4 main benefits that are essential to a healthy lifestyle: Vitamin E, Insoluble Fiber, 40 of the 44 essential life nutrients and Convenience!

From that day on I embarked on a journey to learn more about bread baking. Thankfully all of my close friends bake their own bread and have graciously helped me. We have a grain co-op in our area (group of families that order wheat once a year and save on freight costs). I ordered my grain (hard white wheat, spelt and kamut -a gluten free grain). Then made a few purchases from Pleasant Hill Grain. (btw they had great prices and my things were here within 4 days!).

All that was left to do was actually bake the bread.

And of course...enjoy!

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