Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liesl's Dancing Dress-my latest project

After many minutes with the seam ripper and a couple of trips to the fabric store....here it is! Grace asked for Liesl's Dancing Dress pattern from Vision Forum for Christmas this year. She then asked 'me' to make it for her. One problem...it has a zipper. I've only put in one zipper before. Maybe two problems...it also involves organza. I believe this fabric should come with a warning: Could Be Hazardous to Your Health! Anyway, I put it off and put it off until there was just a week before she needed. She wanted so badly to have to wear to the Father/Daughter Retreat. Now I had to rush. 4 days a week when we finish school, we have to get ready to leave for extra curricular activities. One of those days we're actually gone all day. Our little school moved to the sewing room! LOL!
I'd like to say things went smoothly, but that's not quite the case. I should have made a muslin of the bodice like the pattern said, but NO, I was in too big of a hurry. Instead I ended up having to go buy more fabric and make a second bodice because the first was too small. Always follow instructions! Then I didn't put the zipper in as smoothly as I'd like, so out it came.
The good thing is the dress got finished in time and fit perfectly. Grace was pleased with it and looks absolutely lovely in it! Thanks to her I pushed myself to try something new that I thought was beyond my capabilities. I still can't believe I made it!


Debbie said...

You did a great job and she does look lovely in it. My daughter is the seamstress around our house... it has been a looooong time since I have sewed anything. Wonderful job, mom. Lovely daughter with a beautiful dress.

Karen said...

love the pictures - what a beautiful daughter you have, and how happy she looks!

thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.


La Chili said...

That's a beautiful dress.

SnuggleBunnie said...

What a lovely dress. You did an awesome job. You have a beautiful family:) God Bless

Alisa said...

Wow! your dress is gorgeous! I only wish I could sew like that! My daughter is the one that sews in our family!

The Little House That Grew said...

Wow! I LOVE this dress and this post. I know the joy of seeing your girl in your creation! Well done and I am so happy for you. That dress is amazing and your daughter looks fantastic in it. What a dream!

Rachel said...

It looks great! I think it is very feminine and beautiful :)...funny, I was just looking for a dress for a father daughter retreat(and FINALLY found one!)! I'd have to say that buying one is easier, but making one is more fun! :) (That is if it has no zipper :)