Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strawberry Jelly

I love to can but haven't had the time the last few years to do as much as I'd like. There's something about all those pretty jars lined up in the pantry that makes me feel so good. I like being assured that I have plenty to feed my family. I recall reading the Little House on the Prairie books to the girls and wondering how they ever put up all that food! One word-necessity! I'm striving to be more like that to store up good, healthy food for my little family.
So I'm starting with homemade jelly. It was much easier this time because I now have a juicer. I juiced 2 flats in just a short amount of time. I washed up all my 1/2 pint jars which are my favorite size for jelly. They're the perfect size to give away too. As the girls worked on school at the kitchen table, I put on their great-grandmother's apron and made sweet strawberry jelly at the stove. My oldest can't wait to sample her favorite flavor of jelly on our homemade bread. Such a satisfying way to spend my morning.

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Jazzmin said...

Your jelly looks so good! And so pretty too with the jars and gingham.
I love Little House on the Prairie and I always had that same thought about how they put away so much food. I read Farmer Boy this past year and it seemed that, especially in that book, that was what they were always working on.
I don't know a lot about canning, but I'd like to learn because it looks like a lot of fun. I hope y'all enjoy your homemade jelly :)