Thursday, April 25, 2013

ATI Conference, Big Sandy, Texas

Just a month ago I had no idea about this conference. In fact, in all my years of homeschooling I've never been to a conference. Grace read about the ATI conference and shared the website with me. The more we read, the more we wanted to go.
Most people register for this in January. We were just finding out about it in April! It's amazing how when The Lord wants you to be somewhere, He makes everything fall in place. We got registered and even found a hotel that wasn't booked (around 2000 people come to this event). Upon arrival, I went to purchase meal tickets for all of us. As I was putting my change away, the next lady in line behind me asked to purchase meal tickets. She was told that they were no longer available! God again met our needs. You see, our hotel is 30 minutes away from the site. There are not any places close by where we could even purchase a meal. I don't know what we would have done for lunch and dinner if we couldn't have purchased those tickets.
I've been continually blessed by the messages spoken each day. Some of my favorite speakers were Tom Harmon and David Gibbs. Each day there was music and more. One day a family of 9 (their ages looked to be 5-maybe 19) recited the whole book of James. Not just a chapter, but the whole book! Talk about hiding His word in your heart! What great role models for my girls.
Everyone was so genuinely nice. Everyone-children and adults alike. They announced having a special luncheon for widows and single moms. They even had a mechanic working on the cars that belonged to these ladies.
I just can't help but believe that these are people that are not only reading their Bibles but are living out the Word. What a breath of fresh air in this tainted world of ours. I'm walking away from this conference with a renewed spirit and lots of things to work on in my life. I think it's safe to say that we'll be attended more of these conferences in the future.

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Jazzmin said...

That's so wonderful y'all got to go! It was so encouraging to read how God was working for you to be there and taking care of your needs... the feeling of knowing He wants you to be somewhere through direction like that really is amazing :)
I have heard about the ATI conferences from 19 Kids and Counting, but I don't know much about them. They definitely look wonderful though and that's so great you all enjoyed it so much and got a lot out of it!
Hope your family had a safe trip home too.

God Bless you!
Have a blessed weekend♥