Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chicken Coop-Phase 1

I am so happy that phase 1 of my chicken coop is now complete!  We've been talking about building it for a couple of years.  Now it's here.  I enjoy going out there each day and just talking to my girls.  Here's a glimpse at our little coop:

here's the front-we reused wood from an old storage building

front entrance

nesting boxes

little ramp to go outside

back door and 'play' yard

roosting poles

back corner and their little wind chime


Jazzmin said...

I love your chicken coop! Your chickens must be so happy with their beautiful little home. I haven't been around chickens too much, except a few times on my Grandma's ranch (but it's so far so I can't visit too often), but I have heard they are such sweet pets. The flowerbox is such a nice touch also :)

I hope you are having a wonderful day! Also just wanted to say thankyou for your comments... I know I said thankyou for the bunnies, but in case you haven't checked your mail yet I wanted to say thankyou for the card also! It was so thoughtful and beautiful.


Grace Mattox said...

<3 all of it!!!

Miss ALK said...

That is just adorable!! All it needs now is a bunch of cute little chickens. :-)

Hope that your family had a wonderful time on your vacation!

xoxo Miss ALK

Jody said...

You did a wonderful job on the coop and lot. It looks great! I wish we had built a bigger one so we could go in and clean it out easier and also so we could get more chickens. We are loving, and I do mean LOVING the eggs! But, we wanted to be able to move it around the field as a "chicken tractor" or an "egg mobile" so the chickens can naturally fertilize the field, and eat the grass. If you haven't seen ours, come on over to farmfaithfamily and check it out. Again, it all looks lovely. =)
In His Grace,