Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Happy Reunion

Once upon a time about 7 years ago, I found out a new family had moved in a few blocks from us.  They had children similar in age to mine and they homeschooled!  How perfect.  We ventured over and introduced ourselves.  From that day forward we were fast friends.  There were lots of spend the night parties, bike rides and deep discussions about books.  In fact, Samantha is the one who introduced me to Ambleside Online-the curriculum I still use.  She gave me so many wonderful books-things I would have never picked up on my own but ended up loving.  She opened my eyes to different styles of teaching and all kinds of resources.  Not just school, but we shared recipes, discussed hobbies and diets.  It was such a perfect time in our lives...then they moved.  Our hearts were broken.  Over the years we've kept in touch with email and now texting, but it's just not the same and sitting down face to face and having a good visit.
It happened that in planning our route to DC I found out that we would be passing very close to where they now live.  I was thrilled!  
When I got out of the car at their house and saw Samantha, I couldn't hold back the tears.  We had such a lovely visit.  She made lunch; we got to meet her 2 youngest (who had been born since they moved); Emma played outside with all the little girls; I tried to make up for all the lost years and soak up everything I could.
It's not often that friends and families come into our lives that move us, change us and make us better people.  That's what this family did for us.  They will always have a special place in my heart-no matter how far away they live.  We have truly been blessed with their friendship.

The big girls-Abby, Mary, Erin and Grace

The little girls-Johanna, Emma, Katie and Autumn

The only 2 boys-Seth and Jack

Baby Mia

Samantha and me!  (with baby Mia)

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