Monday, May 21, 2007

My Little Muscian

This weekend Grace had her first violin recital. She has been taking private lessons for a year. Her teacher, Chelsea, is also homeschooled and just graduated. Grace played Minuet by Bach and Can-Can by Offenbach. She did such a great job.

This was not only a recital for the students, but it was Chelsea's senior recital.

We listened to approximately 2 hours of the most beautiful music. I could have listened all day. It all began with Chelsea's dad starting to play Song from a Secret Garden by Lovland on the piano. A couple of minutes into it we suddenly heard a violin from the rear of the church-Chelsea slowly walked down the aisle playing the violin while her dad continued on the piano. I almost cried it was so beautiful! Next her 6 students took turns playing 2 pieces each. I'll list below some of the other pieces that Chelsea played along with friends, teachers and her family. She and her 2 sisters (who play violin and cello) play in a quartet along with their dad (piano).

Ashokan Farewell-Ungar

Serenade leise flehen meine Lieder-Schubert

Minuet from Quintet in E-Bocchernini

Entrance of the Queen of Sheba-Handel

Brandenburg Concerto, No. 3-Bach

Concerto in A minor- Vivaldi

I Dreamed a Dream-Schonberg

Psalm 42-Appalachian folk melody

I wish I could offer a sample of each one for you to hear, but I have no idea how to do that! You'll have to just find them on your own. Sorry!


Christina said...

Way to go, Grace! She is just beautiful!

one of the crew said...

She is fortunate to be involved in such a beautiful & cultural experience. I wish we could have heard her play. She looks so professional and mature, they grow up WAY too fast.