Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring Break

I realize that Spring Break passed a while ago. We had a lot happen right after that to keep me too busy to blog.

We normally don't do anything special for Spring Break. This year we made an exception and took the whole week off. We started out by spending a day with Britty and Belle and their family on the river. The big girls took the canoe out for a spin and found a rope swing to play on.

The little girls stayed right on the bank near us moms and played in the sand and water.

Emma took a break to pet the chickens and goats. It was such a relaxing day filled with friends and fun.

The next day we took off for Georgia to see our long lost friends. This was our first time to visit their home. They live in a beautiful house tucked way back in the woods. There's even a little stream. It was gorgeous. The girls had hours of fun running through the woods exercising both muscles and imagination.
We also watched movies together, worked on one of the bedrooms and of course did our Story Starters. The girls are getting better and better with their writing.
We treasured every minute spent with them. It was so hard to leave-my girls cried and cried. The one bright spot is knowing that they will be coming to see us soon.

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Christina said...

What a great sounding spring break. Glad to see you posting again!