Monday, May 21, 2007

My "Secret Garden"

I've always loved the book, The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett. Imagine having a little secret place to go to that no one else knows about. A place where you can enjoy nature and feel close to God. I have a place that is all of that for me. Of course others know about it, but I'm normally not disturbed there. My secret garden is almost 18 acres of green grass, huge old oak trees, pine trees and even a little creek. We've built a barn there and even an out door shower-which is fabulous! There's nothing like taking a shower while gazing at the stars.

Around the shower we've planted jasmine, lantana and golden dewdrop. We love sitting out on the porch right beside the shower and smelling the jasmine. It's also at this spot that we can admire our little garden. We have tomato plants, bell peppers, egg plants, squash, watermelon, peanuts, rosemary, lavender, spearmint and cilantro.

Just beyond the garden are 2 of our hummingbird feeders. We already have 2 ruby throated hummingbirds buzzing around everyday. We love to sit and watch them. We hung bluebird boxes up this year. We were surprised to find a moma sitting on eggs in one of the boxes.
Lately, especially, with all the stress of life, I find myself craving the solitude of my secret garden. We've even been doing school down here. Today we read The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop. One of the study questions said to share examples of how God shows His love to you. As the girls and I discussed how God shows His love I told them to look around us. If God didn't love us, why did he give us so many beautiful things to enjoy-the plants, trees, wind, water...I hope everyone has a secret garden like we do.

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one of the crew said...

Your "Secret Garden" is beautiful & we have enjoyed each time you have shared it with us. I can see how you find it such a peaceful and serene retreat to enjoy God and his creation.