Monday, November 10, 2008

Duck hunting with daddy

One of Mark's passions is hunting. The girls and I like going too, but not necessarily for the hunting, but just for the time with him. I love to lay in the blind and hear the geese honking long before I see them. I love feeling the cold, crisp Canadian air and seeing the golden sunlight as it shines across the field. It's a beautiful experience and one I'm glad we're able to share as a family.


Natalie said...

I ♥ the pics aunt tammy!!!

KAlexaLott said...

My girls and I do the same thing, although in our case it's not hunting, it's football, it particular, the Dallas Cowboys.

My dad was a fan when I was little, so I've kind of grown up with the Cowboys. But it wasn't until I married my husband that I finally began to understand the sport of football. He laughs now because a penalty flag will be thrown and I'll shout out, "False start", "Off sides", "Illegal Contact". I think secretly he's really quite proud, but for me, I just like sharing something my husband loves.

The little ladies are in and out and take more to cheerleading (minus the immodest outfits), but they are still involved in their own way.

As with you, my husband is the only man in a land of women, so we girls go the extra mile to make sure that he gets his fair share of "manly" pleasure! :0)

Have a lovely evening!


BaysideBums said...

I love the picture of Emma and her Daddy. They are all so cute. Can I borrow your mask? :) That is just too cool!