Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Ballerinas

Recently we had parent days at dance when we could visit the dance classes. I love being able to watch my girls dance!

Emma is in pre-ballet and loving every minute of it.This is Grace's first year of pointe. Her name suits her well when it comes to dance-she is one of the most graceful dancers that I've seen.Mary is in her second year of pointe. She continually amazes me with her increased flexibility and talent. She's pictured here in the yellow dress with one of her friends in the fall show. (she didn't like any of the pictures I took during her class time. LOL!

All 3 of my girls have a passion for dance. I was never a dancer, but can now live through them. There's no other extracurricular activity that I would rather they do than dance. Through dance they're learning poise, grace and rhythm; they're exposed to beautiful music and transported to faraway places through different story lines; they develop confidence, stage presence and discipline. I look forward to many more dances with all three of my beautiful ballerinas.

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