Monday, November 10, 2008

Homemade ornaments

I had a few more gifts for my Canadian friends. When I was a girl we had a painted okra Saint Nicholas ornament on our tree. I just loved it. Last year I found out they don't grow okra in Canada and most of my friends didn't even know what it was. We dried some okra from our garden and the girls and I painted it. I thought it turned out kind of cute-I think my Canadian friend's thought I was a little crazy. I appreciate them smiling and saying "thank you" instead of hurting my feelings with their true thoughts! LOL!The other ornament I made went over a little bit better. My grandmother made yo-yo's when I was a girl and would sew them on pillows, quilts, etc. I saw these tiny yo-yo's made into Christmas trees at my local quilt store. I knew I had to make some-I ended up making about 9 while I was in Canada! Aren't they cute?


Natalie said...

Awsome those are really cool!

mom2one said...

Loving okra like I do, I think your okra Santa is precious! And I remember my Grandma's bedspread made out of "yo-yos". :) The litle tree made of them is so cute!

BaysideBums said...

It turned out so cute!