Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reaching Goals

I've always been the type to set goals. My husband says that when I do, I put blinders on and forget everything else. One of my recent goals was to get back into running. I've ran off and on since college-but I would NEVER classify myself as an athlete. At the end of January, I decided to start running 3 days a week. It wasn't as hard to get back into as I had envisioned. (not to say that I didn't have days when I had to drag myself out the door) One of my friends told me about a running book. I checked it out of the library and started following his workout guide. My friend and I ran together one day a week. The other 5 days a week you could find me hitting the pavement with one of my girls following close by on a bike. My friend and I set a goal to run a local 10K race. Even though I had ran races like this in the past, I was a bit apprehensive the morning of the race.
My family was there to cheer me on and my friend was at the starting line with me. I would like to say the race was fun, but actually my favorite part was when I crossed the finish line! LOL!
My proudest moment was not me reaching my goal, but watching my 10 year old, Grace complete her first 2 mile fun run.
She's learning to conquer her fears and work hard to reach her goals. I had tears in my eyes as I watched her cross the finish line. Now we're off to train for our next race. Who knows, maybe one day we'll run a marathon together.


Grace at Home said...

Congratulations, Grace and Tammy!

Mermaid Maiden said...

I had so much fun doing this!