Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time to renew and refresh

Life seems to always be moving so fast. It's easy to get overwhelmed. When I feel like I'm being pulled in all directions I like to take a step back and stand still. Nature has a way of cleansing my mind and my soul. What a magnificent pallet God has put before us. How many times have I looked right past it in my busy-ness?
So far this month, I've failed to visit a friend with her new baby, I missed another friend's birthday, I don't have the 3rd school term schedule completed...the list goes on and on. Instead of trying to get caught up, the girls and I took an hour and went to the beach (on the bay). The weather was perfect-upper 70's with a gently breeze. The promise of not just spring, but summer was in the air. We took our shoes off and dug our toes into the sand. We watched a guy flying a huge kite. Grace and Emma practiced their recital dances right there in the sand with the waves for an audience.
It was a blessed, peaceful hour. It was like God had used the wind and waves to just wash away all the stress of my life. I left a new person. Who would have thought something as simple as a trip to the beach could actually be so meaningful. I think we need more beach days.

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mcknightclan said...

Tammy, What beautiful pictures. The first one is really neat because my 4 year old has that exact same dress and well that exact same haircolor. She asked me when we were at the beach! LOL! Just had to comment so you could laugh too.
I too need a refresh, but my DH is away right now, may have to try the Fairhope beach this week, maybe take a picnic too! Thanks for the idea.
April McKnight