Thursday, March 5, 2009


(Emma admiring a cutting from the Bottle Brush Tree-Callistemon rigidus)
One of the funny things about living in the deep south is that Mother Nature loves to tease us-especially this time of the year.
(these are camellias from my father in law's bush)
For example, for several days the weather was gorgeous-blue skies, light breeze and temps in the upper 70's. Flowers are blooming everywhere and you can just smell spring in the air.
We even planted some seeds in pots outside (thankfully I've learned to keep them covered with plastic for a while). Then we wake up the next morning and it's 30! I realize some of my friends have a lot colder weather right now so 30 doesn't seem so bad. For us, I think it's the 40 degree drop in about 12 hrs that makes it so hard to handle. Regardless of the temperature, the promise of spring is everywhere. That makes the little drop in temp tolerable for a while longer.

(Emma picked these azaleas. I love the vase-it reminds me of an old milk bottle. )

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Wren said...

Yum, I love the smell of spring. Blooming flowers are such a refreshing sign of this season. Beautiful flowers & Emma is so pretty and she looks so grown up. Are you going to let her keep doing that? Growing up, I mean?
Miss you,