Monday, September 26, 2011

Cathedral Windows-WIP

Here's my feeble attempt at Cathedral Windows. Don't laugh! It was actually easier than I thought. Granted I haven't perfected it yet, but I did have fun trying. Thanks to this blog, I had step by step instructions.

When I showed my husband my work, he showered me in praise. This should have made me smile, but instead tears flowed down my cheeks. Why? Because I have regrets. You see, my Granny used to make these squares. The last few years I've wondered how they were made and what the name was. Granny passed away 11 years ago. She did all kinds of little sewing projects-quilting, clothes, yo-yo's, etc. She taught me how to hem but that's all the sewing I learned from her. I just never asked. I'm sure she would have been glad to show me. At the time I had 2 little girls and just wasn't interested in sewing. Now I am. I so wish she was here to show me how to make these squares. To smile when I finished one correctly. To help me choose fabric. But, at least now I've learned. I can make something that my Granny worked on. I can teach my girls. I know my Granny is smiling down at me. I know she's proud.

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Lucy said...

This post made me cry. I'm sure she's watching you and smiling at your fantastic effort. It's wonderful that sewing has brought you closer to her memory and that you share her passion.