Monday, September 12, 2011


So, I want to be a quilter. I honestly thought this would be an easy task. I've sewn for years now. Some little quilting projects I've attempted have turned out pretty well. Not perfect mind you, but workable.

This past week I've spent a lot of time drooling over my favorite quilting blogs. I happened upon a tutorial for a Dresden plate. How beautiful! All the pretty fabrics with rounded edges carefully placed together to make a circle. As I read the instructions, I thought "I can do this" . She really does make is look easy.

Saturday was the day. I pulled out my scraps and started cutting. I was amazed at how smoothly it was going. Then I sewed the sections together. wasn't quite laying flat. Maybe if I sewed a bit more here...Nope. Finally in frustration I put it all down. I couldn't believe I'd spent all that time and had nothing to show for it. I hate to waste time and I really dislike wasting fabric.

This was still on my mind Sunday afternoon. Another thing about me-I don't give up easily. I went back to my sewing room and started again with this little piece of fabric. The result...
A Dresden skirt for Emma's doll! I think it looks just lovely!

Now, if anyone can give me pointers on how to make my Dresden plate properly, so that it will lay flat, I would greatly appreciate it. :) Until then I think I'll stick with the 9 patch!

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