Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Annual Ornament Party

December is such a busy month for us every year but one thing we refuse to give up is our annual ornament exchange.  The girls and I love buying ornaments, planning our menu and preparing the invitations.  This year we had 22 people come.
  My great aunt loves to play games and so does my youngest daughter.  We start the morning off with a few games.  After that it's time for lunch.  Our menu this time was a vegetable and fruit tray, hamburger soup with oyster crackers and Southern Living's winning white cake.
After our tummies are full we move to the living room and begin the exchange.  It's always amazing to me that we never have 2 of the same ornaments.  I love seeing all the beautiful ornaments unwrapped and figuring out who brought them.  There's  lots of laughter and smiles all around.  In the midst of this busy month, this is one day that's pure enjoyment!

Party favors-dishcloths that I crocheted

All ready for everyone to arrive

All of the adults eating lunch (children and teens had to eat in the kitchen-this table just wasn't big enough!)

l-r my cousin, my mom, another cousin and my great aunt

Having fun exchanging ornaments!

All of the family members-4 generations

fruit Christmas tree* 

Vegetable Christmas tree*

*I forgot to take pics of our vege and fruit trees.  These pics are from pinterest.


Jazzmin said...

Your ornament party sounds like so much fun!! What a neat thing to do to share some love and time with family and friends.

Your fruit and vegetable trees look so delicious also. And I baked that white cake from Southern Living this holiday too, I thought it was amazing :)

Have a blessed day,

Grace said...

I had so much fun! Can't wait for next year (: