Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Canadian Memories

For many reasons this trip to Canada was much more memorable than those in the past. First of all was the history of the area and the rich Ukrainian heritage we learned about. Until this trip I knew nothing of the struggles of the first Slavic settlers here. These people pulled themselves out of the depths of despair to leave a strong, proud Ukrainian legacy.

The main thing that touched me this time was the people I met-the Canadian women. Mrs. Marion at the Olha Store who took the time to give us a tour of the Ukrainian church, gave the girls bags of candy and printed out a history of Olha and the surrounding district so that I could get a better understanding of what happened there. Lois at the Co-op who first invited my girls over to play with her daughter, provided them with ice skates and always had time to visit with me when I stopped in. Carla who could not do enough for us. She had us over for dinner and invited lots of friends and neighbors so we could get to know everyone. She took off a day from work to take us shopping in Saskatchewan. She loaned us a car and toys and sent the girls off with candy and souvenirs. She was just so bubbly and welcoming. Then there was Cheryl. She tries to come across as rough and gruff when actually she has the biggest, warmest heart. She came and visited us at the farm house, cooked a huge delicious meal and invited us over, asked my girls to go to school and took me site seeing around the area.

These women know the true meaning of hospitality. They welcomed strangers in with open arms. They left a mark on my memory and my heart that will be there forever.

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Mom of the crew said...

Priceless! The experience of being in another country, rich with history & sharing the experience with people localy is one your children will treasure & pass on to their children.