Friday, October 19, 2007

O Canada!

The girls and I met Mark in Manitoba, Canada on Oct 14. Since then our days have been filled. Here are some picture postcards from Canada. Enjoy!

I know, there's not a lot there in these pictures. That's the beauty of it and what I love about this part of Manitoba. You see miles and miles of cut barley, wheat and canola. When the sun hits just right on the fields, they shine like gold. It's gorgeous! The ducks and geese are flying everywhere-I love the goose honk. Some of the mallard drakes are still shabby, while others have already had their heads turn bright green. The air is crisp and cold and the sky seems to go forever. Where ever you look you see God's hand. Time seems to stand still here. Now if I could just get the clock to stop so that I would have more days to soak up the natural beauty of Canada.

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Donna-Jean said...

Those pictures are beautiful. (And I feel stupid, I never thought of canola as anything other than a word on a bottle of oil! :-)

The pictures are inspiring - thanks for posting this!