Monday, October 22, 2007

Ukrainian History

This is our 7th year coming to Manitoba. I never knew until this year how rich the Ukrainian history is. In 1899 the first Slavic settlers came to this site. During the first pioneer decade, families lived here in "Buddas" while their homesteads were being identified. The Buddas on this site were reconstructed in 1978 based on the recollections of Michael Swistun.

the girls in front of the buddas

the inside of the budda

The mass grave site cairn is in memory of the first slavic settlers who were devasted by the loss of 42 children and 3 adults to scarlet fever in May 1899.

St. Michaels Ukrainian Catholic Church in Olha, Manitoba was built in 1904 by John & Peter Koltuski. It was the first to serve the huge Ukrainian settlement.

Last is the Marconni School built in 1922 and restored in 1991.

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